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CCK/CCK2 Oct 2016 Events
Held At Coffee, Cake & Kisses
(54 Warren Street, London W1T 5NN)

Ongoing: Wedding Cake Consultations (please enquire)
Discuss and design your perfect wedding cake! The multi-award winning cake maker extraordinaire, to design the official "The Cake & Bake Show 2016" cake, is available for consultations, classes and team building.

6 Oct, 6-8pm: The "Ethical Slut" Reading Group 5 (free)
Each week we read and discuss another section of 'The Ethical Slut' by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy, packed with useful and compassionate advice for anyone looking to relate to anyone, regardless of their relationship style.

8 Oct, 1-4pm: "Building Success Through Confidence" (£22 incl. food & drink)
A discussion of how confidence can be found at the root of any success.

13 Oct, 6-8pm: The "Ethical Slut" Reading Group 6 (free)

15 Oct, 2pm: Poly Coffee (free)
A monthly London Polyamory Meetup social, peer learning & support.

17 Oct, 6.30-9pm: Empathy Injection (3rd Mon of the month);
£15/£25/£50 "pay what you can" sliding scale, incl. food & drink)
A regular dose of empathy to improve your relationship to yourself and others

20 Oct, 7pm: Wagging Tails, Wet Noses Social (3rd Thur of the month, free)
A cozy fun evening for human pets and handlers; tails, ears, cuddles aplenty...

27 Oct, 6-8pm: The "Ethical Slut" Reading Group 8 (free)

Our Covent Garden store originally brought you a range of unique, hand-picked goodies (many of them exclusive to us). We have continued our friendly personal approach and dedication to service in our online shop. We rely on it in order to continue our work, and every order is important to us. By shopping with us you not only get great products, some of which are exclusive to CCK, but you also support exchange of thought and creativity, contribute to the growth of open-minded and aware adult community and promote tolerance towards all adults and all sexualities.