Where We Are

A tricky question, that one!

For the first five years of CCK's life (2003-2008), we had physical premises cosily snugged in a little side street in London's Covent Garden, the area famed for its arts, theatre and carnal pursuits. 

After the closure of the orignal cafe and store, we have run CCK as a social enterprise. From 2009 to date, we have participarted and run various training programmes, been online and met you face-to-face through CCK Socials events and office parties.

We have hoped to re-open in Central London by now, however, our search for new premises has been a sobering reminder just how much prejudice there still is... which has only served to make us more determined in our work. Still looking for the place for the freedom to rule, still need to hear if you know of one.