Coffee, Cake & Kisses

cck pr timeline 2014 cck2A new concept inspired by Coffee, Cake & Kink, but different from it, launches on the high street with our wholehearted blessing and support.

Part shop, part cafe and part events space, Coffee, Cake & Kisses aims to provide a friendly, inclusive place for the exploration of relationships of any kind - including kinky ones!

It draws upon the same ideas of diversity, accessibility and open-mindedness that are core to Coffee, Cake & Kink, but is entirely distinct from it.

During its Kickstarter campaign, which we support, care is taken that the two concepts are kept separate, and there is no confusion between them (we wish to continue our own work, after all!)

Coffee, Cake & Kisses climbs right to the top of the Kickstarter rankings (number one in "By Magic" out of 2696 projects crowd-funding in London at the time). It is funded successfully, with 454 backers voicing support and pledging over £37K towards start-up funds.

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At Coffee, Cake & Kisses, information and acccess to more adventurous relationship models is there for those who want it, without intruding on those who do not - sitting with a cuppa at a table rather than strutting around in high heels and leathers.

The layout is again divided into two areas, a fully accessible ground floor and a lower-ground lounge for events, workshops and film screenings. Much more design-conscious than Coffee, Cake & Kink was, the venue aims to fully embrace and stimulate the senses.

The key words for Coffee, Cake & Kisses will be "holistic", "inclusive" and "sensual"... It's the place in which to go "mmm" - stimulate the senses, in all ways, with coffee, cake or otherwise.


The selection of merchandise is different to that of Coffee, Cake & Kink, and does not focus on kink and/or erotica, with a notable lack of sex toys or adult merchandise. Instead, enter coffee beans, sweets and savoury foods, design and deli products - new ranges, wished for but never stocked at Coffee, Cake & Kink. Still, the sensuous undercurrent is still very much present, through books, cards and art. There's no shying away from anything that happens between people, however alternative - "Erotic Tickling" sits right next to the chocolate recipe books, and a guide to polyamory next to a coffee mug.

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All kinds of people participate in the Coffee, Cake & Kisses YouTube channel - vanilla/kinky/LGBTQ people, party goers and trade professionals. You see organisers of kinky events next to Southbank exhibition goers, drag queens next to designers, clubbers next to cake makers. This wonderful collection of people all talk about their favourite coffee and cake and their perfect kiss - our shared vision of what a harmonious, inclusive society might look like.