My internship: Sophia Month 2

Month 2: July 2014
Brand Bliss (Satisfaction 5 / 5)

cck team 2014 sophia month2

This month has been a very busy and varied one, I have been working on lots of different tasks which have been keeping me on my toes.

The absolute highlight of month 2 has been taking part in brand design for CCK2 and the opportunity to sit in at the branding meetings with the agency which has been selected to design its visual identity. I took part in an initial meeting with the branding team, and all the follow-ups! I felt like this rare and unique experience taught me a lot about the intricacy of branding, I realised how important the communication with the design team is in order to make sure the concept and its key values are clearly defined and can be conveyed in design.

I found this useful because it opened my eyes to the in depth process of brand development, and the importance of the concept of a brand resonating cohesively through all aspects of it's design and actual atmosphere. I've realised that creating a strong brand requires a really in depth approach and even the smallest of details (such as stickers, for instance!) can make the difference between an okay brand and a fabulous, unique, eye catching brand. The experience of sitting in on these meetings has been invaluable to me and I feel very excited about being a part of it.


I've done some more videos for the CCK2 YouTube, a few with friends and people I have met whilst out and about, for instance a lovely lady who has a cake stall at Lower Marsh Street Market, and by taking part in the video it was also good promotion for her cake business! I also visited the South Bank as it is currently holding a month long Festival of Love, which directly ties in with our focus at CCK2. I approached people there to tell them about CCK2 and then see if they wanted to take part in a video for our YouTube channel.

I then subtitled them all for accessibility using the captions tool on YouTube. Initially I thought this was something that would take a long time but once I got going they actually didn't take very long at all and is of a great benefit to our hard of hearing/seeing followers. It is also good for marketing, and - once in a csv.file - also good content for our website. It was a fun task to do as I got to look back through every single video.

I am also enjoying the combination of working from home and coming into the office. It is nice to be able to correspond via email and telephone and then get on with my own work at home on some days; I like being able to manage my own time in this way, and being able to work at home in your dressing gown is also a plus.

Not only have I been enjoying the work aspect of this internship, but also getting to know Sonia and Alana more. Seeing how hard they work, and the passion they have for CCK2 is inspiring, and makes me excited about being a part of it. I can't wait to see what the next meeting with the branding meeting will reveal, and look forward to another busy and interesting month at CCK.