My internship: Sophia Month 4

Month 4: September 2014
Sweet (Satisfaction 5 / 5)

cck team 2014 sophia month4

It has been super busy and things really stepped up a gear, my confidence has grown with this.

I got the brilliant opportunities to attend a few different trade shows this month. By being able to attend these events I was I able to see the way in which Sonia and Alana interacted with the suppliers and stall holders there and the way in which positive relationships are formed and contacts are made for the future. I managed to talk to some designers and companies by myself and put the things I had observed into practice, it was rewarding and exciting when they responded positively to what I told them about CCK; many of them said they would definitely like to get involved.

I am also pleased to have been given the responsibility of monitoring social media and tweeting about live events that I have been at. I am enjoying checking into Hootsuite each day and responding to tweets, retweeting others and maintaining the other social media outlets. This has allowed me to develop my social media and PR outreach skills very quickly as I have been working on it so frequently, and I have learned that a lot more thought goes into a 140 character tweet than I had originally thought.


I feel like I am beginning to understand more deeply the importance of using different PR tactics for different situations, how to determine an appropriate level of information and how building good relationships and getting positive PR is vital to the longevity and success of a brand.

4 months into this internship and I feel like I've come a long way so far. Initially going into this I barely knew anything about PR and marketing but have already learned so much!

On a personal note, I have also met lots of interesting people and learnt about many aspects of alternative lifestyles. Outside of my time at CCK I have taken a personal interest in getting involved in the community and have gone to a few events now. So I feel that I have gone on bit of a journey of self- discovery during this internship, too.