Coffee, Cake & Kink opens

cck pr timeline 2003 cckopensDecember 2003

Our pilot store opens in London's Covent Garden
(61 Endell Street, WC2).

For the first two weeks or so, we function with no name above the door - we simply come into work every day, open up, and do our stuff. We know what we want to do, yet we have no idea what to call our cafe. One day, while he's high up a ladder and giving the ceiling a final touch up, someone asks: "OK, so what is it that we are going to do here?" "We are going to serve... coffee. Cake. And Kink", Alana answers. The penny drops :)

We have no clue how we are going to go about things but make up for it with bags of enthusiasm! We cheerfully serve super-strong coffee, having miscalcluated the portions twice over (it takes a year for the first lucky customer to come back... saying "It has kept me buzzing till now!"). We dish out milk by the glass (until somebody takes pity on us and brings us a gift of a dozen milk jugs). Somebody else requests a hook on the  toilet door... So it goes, and the rest is history!

The opening of CCK also marks the end of our previous project, (an online publication devoted to promoting sexual diversity).

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