Thumbs Up From The Mayor

cck pr timeline 2007 mayoroflondon1 October
In a three-hour meeting with Ken Livingstone's diversity advisor, we debate the merits of recognising kinky and sex-positive businesses as social/community enterprises. We go through a screening process with the expert responsible for all social enterprises in London at the time. Four hours at the City Hall later, it becomes apparent that we do indeed tick all the boxes. Eureka! Finally, we have a name for something we've been doing for since the day we opened our doors back in 2003! With official recognition, opportunities arrive. Tamara, as good as her word, puts the weight of the Mayor's Office behind us. Coffee, Cake & Kink is subsequently featured in the Mayor's newsletter for London, and endorsed in its social enterprise efforts. Resulting collaborations lead to our eventual involvement with DWP/JCP and Future Jobs Fund.