Who We Are

Coffee, Cake & Kink bridges the gap between those identifying themseves as "kinky/alternative" and the mainstream society. While supporting the so-called "scene", we work with the goverment (DWP, JCP) and respected mainstream and art institutions (charities, The Barbican).

We believe that a broad spectrum of human sexuality consists of a great many consensual adult behaviours, too few of which are embraced and celebrated by the society.  We believe that we all have the right to enjoy our bodies and sexualities without guilt, fear of persecution or the attachment of social stigmas. We credit people with intelligence to make their own lifestyle choices. We wish to push perceptions but not shock, challenge stereotypes but not offend.

Coffee, Cake & Kink facilitates the breaking down of social stigmas, and provides a friendly, non-judgemental environment for self-discovery and the enjoyment and celebration of diversity and creativity. Our understanding of “kink” is that of adventure and fun. It is living in a unique way and walking one’s own path in life, truthful to oneself and others, and being respected for that.

Coffee, Cake & Kink’s mission is therefore to promote freedom of expression and increase social acceptability of alternative lifestyles through arts, education and business. We are a passport to an open-minded world and an all-inclusive society (our open-mindedness does not extend to things non-consensual or illegal).

We actively participate in business affairs and like to challenge perceptions of what "that kind of business" does, and does not do. In our cafe days, we surprised everyone by coffee and cake being "best in town" and not just an excuse for all the naughtiness - we worked with coffee growers and artisan bakers to ensure just that. Since then, we have raised eyebrows during business events, at the City Hall, or putting the word "Kink" on thousands of JobCentre Plus computers all around the country (quite a barrier-breaking feat in its own right).

We have been involved in social, community-based work since Coffee, Cake & Kink’s conception in 2003, please see our timeline for more details. Examples of our standing among alternative communities include a charity "Innovation of the Year 2004" Award. The "Bible" of the kink world, SKIN TWO 2009 Year Book, laments our temporary absence from the high-street while looking forward to next stage. A Coffee, Cake & Kink exhibit in Chicago's Leather Museum, devoted to documenting social change and preserving the history of alternative communities, is perhaps the best indicator of our now iconic social status.

Originally a fusion cafe, dishing out yummy things topped off with erotica, since the closure of our original premises in 2008 we have evolved into a fully-fledged social enterprise.

We have continued our friendly personal approach and dedication to service that you may know from our Covent Garden cafe in our online shop. By shopping with us you not only get great products, some of which are exclusive to CCK, but you also support exchange of thought and creativity, contribute to the growth of open-minded and aware adult community and promote tolerance towards all adults and all sexualities.

We are currently looking to re-establish premises in Central London, and engage in a range of diversity projects in the meantime.