Interns: Jenni

cck team 2011 interns jenniWhat internship did you do?

PR & Marketing Internship, 15 hrs/week, Nov 11 - March 12, incomplete (ended Jan 12)

Overall satisfaction: Happy (4 out of 5)

Very enjoyable indeed. The internship worked well - it's life that got in the way!

What did you do exactly?

Here are some of my timesheets, and here is my internship month by month.

How did you get round to doing an internship with us?

When I saw the advert for CCK's internship scheme, which would allow me to fit in a "part time" internship into my university schedule I was excited. I already knew a little about the organisation, having heard about the CCK shop from a friend a few years ago and the more I researched the organisation, the more excited I was about the prospect of working with CCK.

Unfortunately the deadline for applications had lapsed by one day by the time I stumbled across the advert, but I knew I had to try anyway. I sought out CCK on Twitter and sent a message asking if I could still apply – luckily somebody must have taken pity on me and said yes.

After updating my CV and writing a covering letter that I hoped conveyed how much I wanted the position and how much I'd relish the opportunity to work with a company like CCK I sent off my application – twice.

After a very nervous few days, I got the email accepting me for the internship whilst at a graduate fair. To say I was pleased was an understatement! A lot of phone calls, and a large amount of proud boasting to friends and family later I was ready to get stuck in.

The most important thing I gained from the recruitment process was the importance of being prepared. I knew about the organisation, and I knew how I wanted to get involved. Believing in the organisation, and liking their vision and ethos was vital, and I think is in part why I got the role.

Was the internship represented correctly?

Mostly as described.

How would you rate internship induction?

Smooth, efficient and reassuring. Everybody was very helpful and made it easy to get things done! I got used to all the systems very quickly.

What, specifically, did you learn? What is most valuable?

I wasn't expecting to be trusted and given as much responsibility as I was! I really felt proud that I was shown the support and faith of everybody.

What did you find particularly beneficial?

Learning hands on was the best part of the internship for me. I really loved being able to get involved with projects and being given the responsibility to get on with things.

How did you find home and flexi-working?

Worked well most of the time.

Overall, how well did the internship meet your expectations and why?

Very well, everybody took time to let me work with them, taught me and gave me lots of valuable experiences. It is often hard to describe an internship as the roles will alter dependent on the current activities of the organisation. Most internships are based on observing - but one of the strengths of the CCK internship is that you're actively involved in the business.

What next?

I really appreciate the trust and faith CCK showed in my ability, that has boosted my confidence and my resolve to work in this industry. So more PR, hopefully!