Interns aren't slave labour. Nor do we need any (we have more than enough wannabees!). That, in essence, is our take on the matter, and our internships reflect that.

Building on the success of the Future Jobs Fund in 2010, CCK internship programme launched in 2011/2012 and we continue to offer a small number of highly focused placements which combine one-to-one training with the requirement for self-motivation and organisation.

As you are not an employee, you have a complete (though negotiated) control of both your tasks and your work time, and can manage a placement around your existing committments or university work as you see fit.

Our interns would typically come in once a week or so, and work remotely and flexibly from wherever suits - as befits the 21 century - for rest of the time. This necessitates both responsibility and discipline and check-ins as required - once a week, or once an hour!

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