cck pr timeline 2006 unfettered28-29 July
Kinkfest, a non-profit event from Unfettered which aims to further the causes of kink and alternative lifestyles, is the first community event where we provide quiet, behind-the-scenes support, keeping their volunteers going with free coffee and cake. This continues the following year, where so they can do their bit with gusto (this work continues to date, so feel free to get in touch!).

Legal Eagle

cck pr timeline 2005 thelawyer12 December
We are bemused by reporting how "the recent launch of media and entertainment boutique Swan Turton was notable for several reasons, not least because of senior partner Julian Turton's welcome speech during which he admitted that his partners could be found in the local coffee shop, Coffee Cake & Kink, recharging batteries for the afternoon".

CCK & The Barbican: Nobuyoshi Araki evening

cck pr timeline 2005 barbican6 October
Our first collaboration with a major arts institution, to complement the Araki: Self. Life. Death exhibition, featuring the works of Nobuyoshi Araki, arguably Japan's greatest living photographer (and certainly its most controversial). We organise and host a Japanese evening, complete with Japanese cakes, geishas and bondage by Nawashi Murakawa. Tomoko Sato, the curator of Araki's first UK exhibition, gives a talk at CCK... and is delighted to witness real-life Shibari for the first time (something she didn't have a chance to experience, despite a lifelong collaboration with the artist and decking the Barbican out in his erotic rope work photography)! 

Marina O'Loughlin's Review

cck pr timeline 2005 marinaoloughlin26 May
Marina O'Loughlin, a well-known restaurant critic, hails Coffee, Cake & Kink as "London's coolest first-date territory [...] No news yet if The Ivy is going to follow suit." (Metro, 26/05/2005)