Trousers: a Rotten Rhyme

Trousers: a Rotten Rhyme

Two young gentlemen, James and Jon

Went into a bar with their trousers on.

Went there for a cider, started with a kiss:

Didn't think that anything would be wrong with this...

Up steps the management. Whoa there! Wait!

We don't give a fig that you're out on your first date:

There's no way in Soho that you're gonna get it on!

(With or without them trousers on!) Out!


Ejected from the premises, James and Jon

Kept their heads, didnt lose their shirts

And definitely kept their trousers on.

Rhymer's note: although the preceding is inspired by actual events reported in national press, every effort has be made to make it resolutely rotten.