Spotlight on...Power over Power

Spotlight on...Power over Power

From "Power Over Power" by Emerald, published in Please, Sir, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

"Dominic let go of my hip and slid his hand across my stomach, up over my breasts and finally to my throat. 'Everything you're looking for, Jackie, you already have inside you.' The tone of his whisper had changed, and I barely had time to process the words before he whipped me around, forcing my mouth open with his as he kissed me again. He held my hair in a fist of steel and moved his other hand back to my body, lightly brushing my rib cage. He pulled away and I watched the slow movement of his fingers, gliding like honey running over my skin.

"I whimpered desperately. He hadn't even touched my pussy, and I felt close to a kind of climax of which I didn't know the meaning. It felt like a near euphoria combined with a vague but deep fear that together seemed to be pushing tears seriously toward the surface. 'Dominic,' I pleaded. My voice trembled like a blade of grass in the breeze. He looked up at me.

"I realized then what he was doing. He was making me wait, making me feel, making me experience every single nuance, every detail, everything that was in me, in my body, rather than slamming it all away.

"And suddenly I wondered if that was what having power over power meant.

"The tears flowed out of me like an orgasm, fully beyond my control, my breath turning to a silent sob that felt somehow calm, even peaceful, as I felt a space open up in me I wasn't sure I had ever felt before.

"Dominic's eyes stayed on mine. The wave moved through me, and Dominic dropped his finger to my clit. I gasped and climaxed as soon as he moved it, orgasm bursting forth in a rush so overpowering I almost felt I would lose consciousness. Steady, unabated screams pulsed through me as Dominic held my gaze as well as my balance with his unyielding grip at my neck. When it was done I fell limp, my entire body slick with sweat, legs shaking and hanging like string over the stack of mats.

"Dominic lowered me onto my back and let go of my hair, then backed up and retrieved my purse. Hands shaking, I reached and fumbled through it in my horizontal position until I found the little zippered pouch. Extracting a condom from it, I pushed it into his hand.

"I heard the package rip open and my purse drop to the floor as Dominic backed up. He slid me up farther on the stack of mats and leapt lightly onto them, pushing between my legs. My eyes were closed, and I opened them as he hovered above me. I was far beyond words, knowing only what was in my body.

"'Breathe,' Dominic whispered again as he dropped his body onto mine, plunging into me and grasping my shoulders as his breath rushed against my ear. He thrust into me with rhythmic strength as I lay like a doll, sprawled powerlessly across the hard foam beneath me. Dominic pumped hard, holding my hips solidly. His breathing changed as he thrust just a bit harder and came inside me, my body like a deflated balloon, a beautiful, motionless receptacle for his come.

Excerpt from Power over Power published with permission from the lovely Cleis Press. At CCK, we carry lots of Cleis Press' titles, including Yes, Sir, the earlier book in this series of short stories of male domination and female submission.