Layaspot vibrator - image from funfactory spring/summer 2013 catalog

Spotlight on...Layaspot

We like to ask members of our team for their personal take on a toy (or painting, or book) they most love – this is Katie's.

I tend to love Fun Factory's toys and the Layaspot is no exception. The colourful, funky-shaped stuff is often cute enough to leave lying around without embarrassment – I've mistaken a buttplug for a piece of art before! – and they pack in a mean bit of excitement as well. The Layaspot has multi-speed vibration and three pulsation modes, and like the rest of Fun Factory's products it is made from high quality hypoallergenic material. In all, it's a really exciting little toy and well worth the cost. I personally think the silver/black is the most stylish, but it comes in a bunch of colours so have a browse around!

If you dont think this is for you, we have lots of other cool toys in our webshop, enjoy the adventure!