Feeding your imagination chocolates

Spotlight on...FYI chocolates

This time, Rae puts FYI chocolates under the CCK spotlight:

Although there’s lots of wonderful kink items I’d like to talk to you about, today I want to talk about our wonderful chocolate! It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that chocolate is just about my favourite thing ever (beating sex toys and cheesy fifties music). I’m quite picky about it too, and was absolutely delighted when I tried the Coffee, Cake and Kink range of Feeding Your Imagination chocolate bars!

I’m the sort of girl who requires a daily fix, but likes a bit of variation. What I love most about the F.Y.I bars (as they’re lovingly called around the office) is that they come in a wide range of flavours that really do spark the senses. If I’m feeling a little lethargic in the morning, I’ll reach for a Mistress bar; a dark chocolate masterpiece packed with acai (the wonder food) and a hearty kick of chilli. However, after a hard day I tend to reach for something a little more relaxing, usually Dreamy, a rich, luxurious blend of milk chocolate, lemon and geranium, both absolutely scrummy and gorgeously relaxing.

They’re all perfectly put together by renowned chef Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, who is not only an amazing chef, but a passionate alternative therapist. The chocolates really do enhance experiences; whether you want to get fiery, dreamy, relaxed, these chocolates never fail to heighten my senses and get me in the mood…!

The chocolate bars can be found in the CCK webshop, so dont delay order yours today.