Polyday 2012

Polyday 2012

This weekend London plays host to Polyday, a one-day event celebrating the world of polyamory and the non-monogamous relationship. Whether you are interested in learning more or are a fully-fledged member of the poly community, there is something for everyone at Polyday. It is a day to explore, to learn and to share. At the Dragon's Hall, London, you can feed your curiosity about a new lifestyle or just meet like-minded people and celebrate a diverse community.

The day is split into two; during the day, there will be a number of workshops and discussions on a variety of topics. Session One in the Main Hall is Poly 101, a fantastic introduction for all those of you new to polyamory, or if you are more interested in the longevity of the poly lifestyle, head to the Green Room for Poly 201. With five sessions over eight hours, including Tantra, Poly and Kink, Dealing with Poly in the Media and a workshop that involves dance, with a break for dinner before the evening events, there is plenty to get involved in.

In the evening, a shift from learning to socialising takes place. Bring your favourite tipple and take the opportunity to meet the volunteers and have a dance or two with some great music. Or if you fancy just relaxing, other rooms are available away from the excitement in the main hall.

This will be a great day to learn more and explore the poly world in a non-judgemental, comfortable and accepting environment, at a fantastic central London location.

Tickets are £15 (£10 concessions). To get yours and to find out more about Polyday just head over to their website.