Rae was the Coffee Cake and Kink online shop mistress as well as a Customer Care Kinkster. When not collecting reviews on products, writing fun bits and pieces for the website and chatting with the customers, she wrote and directed plays, ran workshops for further education, and occasionally sang. Sometimes even for money.

Questions we asked:

What attracted you to Coffee, Cake & Kink? (Why CCK?)

I visited the cafe a few years before.

Questions we asked Future Jobs Fund people:

How did you find the recruitment process compared to previous experiences?

Very thorough.

How has working with us helped your confidence?

I was very timid when I started, and it has really helped develop my confidence.

How has it helped develop your work skills?

I have a greater understanding of work systems and the running of a small business - a great way to ease back in to the workplace after a distressing period of unemployment and iron out issues that might prevent getting a job in the future.

How have you developed personally, socially etc. while working at Coffee, Cake & Kink?

I have met many new people through attending the social parts of the company. CCK did a great job of implementing procedures and structures to suit having such a varied work force. They worked hard to suit the needs of our particular team.