Alison was our web guru, facebook updater, and regular ray of sunshine. She is also an artist, and you can find her cards in our shop, or through her website. She hanged around after the end of her employment with us, and is the person to continue to creatively utilse in her art all sorts of weird and wornderful things that get sent to our office (from glass dilo prototypes to broken fetish dolls).

You can also read more about her experience and training at CCK here.

Questions we asked:

What attracted you to Coffee, Cake & Kink? (Why CCK?)

I found out through friends.

Questions we asked Future Jobs Fund people:

How did you find the recruitment process compared to previous experiences?

I felt like I was being tested more and I had to chase the job, I didn't mind, though, it made me determined. I felt like they had selected carefully and had tried to get to know me, whereas other places you are just another employee to stack shelves.

How has working with us helped your confidence?

I will be more confident in interviews and fighting for what I know and am good at. I will be more confident in briefing others in doing tasks and using my initiative. I'm more confident in having a lot of responsibility.

How has it helped develop your work skills?

A lot, I can apply for jobs now that I couldn't before. I was able to 'just learn' some things in this job, where as in other jobs I would be expected to know already and may not have been given the time to learn things while being paid for it.

How have you developed personally, socially etc. while working at Coffee, Cake & Kink?

I've learnt to deal with stress, whilst meeting deadlines. I've learnt to work/deal with people who I don't necassarily agree with or get on with.