Fabulous Fetishistas

Fabulous Fetishistas

When we are looking for the next piece of hot fetish news or gossip we always pay a visit to TheFetishistas.com

Produced by a dedicated team headed by ex-Skin Two Editor Tony Mitchell, it combines the best elements of traditional fetish print magazines, such as high quality photography and authoritative journalism, with the accessibility, connectivity, content capacity and responsiveness only possible with the web.

When Tony left Skin Two in 2006 after a 22-year involvement, he teamed up with British graphic artist/photographer Jan Fetishclubpix and German photographer/webmaster Martin Pelzer, launching TheFetishistas.com at the beginning of 2007.

It is a site that offers, in free and regularly updated editions, an unprecedented variety of top quality, kink-orientated content designed to inform, entertain and stimulate.

Easily accessible sections present news, gossip, events listings and reports, along with interviews, profiles, regular and guest columns, fashion galleries, photography and art portfolios, and coverage of web issues. The site is in continuous development, with new sections and features always in the pipeline.

For 2013 its new Newsletter promises to provide subscribers with alerts about upcoming and recently-published articles on TheFetishistas.com, aswell as feature a variety of exclusive content not found on their main site, including special offers, giveaways and other goodies!

Find out more at: http://thefetishistas.com