Cup cake Scarf's

Cup Cake Scarfs

Here at CCK we know what a difference a cup of hot coffee and a cake makes when you are out and about on a cold winters day, now you can wear cupcakes to keep you warm!

We are told all scarfs are hand knitted, soft, cosy and approximately 163cm in length and 9cm wide. So if you are a cup cake addict or know someone who is then why not join the Cup Cake Cult?

Our friends at are offering the scarf's as part of their 50 Shades of Ebay promotion, 50 items, 10 days, 99p starting price. Grab a bargain!

For all those readers that don't know, Kitty Jane owner of Voluptupuss is a massive fan of CCK and was once a volunteer with us until one day, we inspired her to start her business, a plus size alternative online fashion store from 8 - 32!

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments if you own a Cup Cake Cult scarf or better still send us photos of your cup cake scarf and we will make a gallery!