The Erotic Awards honour the Stars in the Erotic Universe. They were founded in 1994 by Tuppy Owens and are run as a charity fundraiser, by volunteers. The most talented, influential and sex-positive artists, performers, writers, politicians, sex workers, academics, fashion designers and pioneers are nominated by the public and judged by a Grand Jury. Each year, they create a show and exhibition of the finalists' work at the Finals and present the winners with a Golden Flying Penis Trophy of which founders of coffee, cake and kink are proud parents of two such trophies!

The Erotic Awards are a celebration of sexual creativity and diversity. Emphasis is on sharing rather than serious competition, and they encourage finalists to network so that they can share contacts, and cross-pollination and inspiration can flourish.

Their goal is to help society become more open, take sex more seriously, acknowledge the importance of fun, and become more mature and accepting of sexual diversity. The Erotic Awards aims to present an amazing group of finalists each year.

These events are where they raise funds for Outsiders, through ticket sales, donations and a raffle. Its not too late  to attend the Semi-finals 22nd March 2013 however when we went to press there was only 20 left, so don't delay. If you miss the boat there is always the Finals to look forward to, which take place at the Night of the Senses ball in London later in the year. we tried to get a date but it looks like this is still to be announced, best thing to do is to subscribe to their twitter or visit the organisers website

We would love to see your comments from anyone who has attended the Erotic Awards or who is think of taking the plunge and deciding to have a night on the town and stay after the clock chimes twelve, taking part will help make a difference to many peoples lives, some of us met our loved ones at the ball!

Photo courtsey of Juicy Productions