No-one was absolutely sure what LoneWolf was actually supposed to be doing at any given time, such a master of mystery was he... One thing for sure, he kept Sonia sane since he became her very own PA. When not engaging with our wonderful customers, meddling in executive affairs or washing cups and saucers, LoneWolf whiled away his time competing in contests of skill, lurking in the dark corners of gloomy establishments, and generally getting up to the kind of mischief most people want to get up to, but never do.

Questions we asked:

What attracted you to Coffee, Cake & Kink? (Why CCK?)


Questions we asked Future Jobs Fund people:

How did you find the recruitment process compared to previous experiences?


How has working with us helped your confidence?

To have spent a long time in the realm of unemployment, and the confidence-sapping that it induces, and then be placed in a position where I could express some degree of my professional potential has had an incredibly large value to me.

How has it helped develop your work skills?

My professional capabilities and mind-set to work now have a marked difference from when I was initially taken on - training received notwithstanding, I feel that the FJF programme has helped me immensely.

How have you developed personally, socially etc. while working at Coffee, Cake & Kink?

Only in an indirect fashion.