Wills was a part of the social media team and he searched out and reported on the spaces in and around CCK. His major love is music, and he tries to keep up with his American football team when not singing or drumming. He had been a CCK regular long before FJF (see his Shakespeare In Lust poetry reading). He has stayed on after the end of the programme, and continues to write for us to date.

See his Future Jobs testimonial and also Will's full team / contributor profile.


Questions we asked:

What attracted you to Coffee, Cake & Kink? (Why CCK?)

I was a star in a West End Show. Really. And CCK was my local joint.

Questions we asked Future Jobs Fund people:

How did you find the recruitment process compared to previous experiences?

Everyone was kind and helpful.

How has working with us helped your confidence?

Not helped: re-enforced.

How has it helped develop your work skills?

I am an improving writer.

How have you developed personally, socially etc. while working at Coffee, Cake & Kink?

I am more socially aware: this will add to my activism.