All your products will arrive in standard plain non-kinky packaging (with your delivery and personal note inside!).

Everything is packaged carefully with lots of tape to keep your parcels safe and secure and we always ship everything in recycled packaging (i.e other peoples boxes) saving energy used to create boxes. Our packing slips are printed on recycled paper. Where possible the box used is cut down to fit the items inside and if padding material is required, we always recycle filler from our supplier deliveries or local newspapers.

The address label will have the delivery name and address on it that your stated at the checkout and your order reference number, if you have not stated your title we will omit this as we don't like to assume! In addition to your label, there will be a Sender label with "CCK (UK) Ltd" and our address written on them in case of non deliveries, we hope this will be subtle enough in case you are keeping your kink secret!.

Packing Returns

If you need to return an item to us, please try to use the original packaging in the first instance (it's good for the products - and good for the planet!). In the event this is not possible, you may find the following packaging guidelines useful:

Item And how to package it

Small books: padded envelope/jiffy bag. Large books: corrugated fibreboard pack, with 2.5 cm clearance at each end.

Posters, unframed

Roll carefully. Post in a rigid plastic or cardboard tube.

Prints and photos, unframed.

Wrap in tissue paper. Post in a heavy-duty cardboard envelope, well sealed and clearly marked "PRINTS/ PHOTOS - DO NOT BEND"

Framed artwork (prints, photos, posters, paintings)

Surround with at least 5cm of soft material (e.g. bubble wrap), sandwich between stout board or polystyrene that is at least 2.5 cm longer at each end. Post wrapped in brown paper or corrugated paper, clearly marked "FRAGILE – HANDLE WITH CARE".

Rubber & PVC Items

Should be rolled and never folded. Place flat, surround in tissue paper, roll gently if required (i.e. a garment). Cardboard box, jiffy bad/ padded envelope with at least 2.5 cm space around it.

Returnable BSDM equipment

Wrap in tissue paper. Avoid folding the item (e.g. coil the whip tails around in the box rather than press them together). Post in a cardboard box, allowing at least 2.5 cm clearance around them).

Liquids & creams  Wrap well in polythene, seal with tape. Use a cardboard box, fiberboard or polystyrene.Surround with absorbent material such as sawdust or newspaper.
Sculptures, casts, glass and highly breakable objects. EXTREME care needs to be taken when handling those items (in many cases an artist/supplier will opt to deliver them directly). DO NOT attempt to return them on your own – please call for instructions.
Other objects

No special preparation required. Small objects (postcard books, mats, fridge magnets): use a padded envelope/jiffy bag. Medium and large objects (bags, cushions): wrap in tissue paper, in a cardboard box, with at least 2.5 cm room around them.